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ladies and gentlemen this is an urgent Terror Luna classic alert yes the title isn't fooling you we're gonna be talking about if Tera Luna classic can hit a dollar this is the narrative a lot on Twitter have kind of Forgotten and since then the Original Classic has bottomed out and begun to run once again we've seen uscc almost double in price in a single day so we're gonna be talking about this in more without further Ado let's get right into it so the first thing I actually want to go ahead and

talk about is our validator no I'm not just trying to show you a validator here I was actually you know kind of in a Crossroads in terms of making a decision and what I wanted to to do with my terabino classic validator modders are super important to the blockchain and are pretty pivotal to the entire movement and we had run into this kind of like roadblock here where we were starting to think about what is really important to push ontaroldino classic what is the most important thing to push you know some people say it's the rebag

some people say it's to just pump it so many people say that it's to build decentralized applications and nfts and all these different protocols and blah blah blah blah blah blah right a ton of different things a ton of different perspectives none of them are wrong but some are better than others and so we were thinking about wanting what we wanted to do it was you know a couple things do we want to give more money to the community Paul do we want to burn to the classic or do we want to eliminate all Feats because we actually had the

ability to go ahead and run our valder even though it says five percent commission we have the technology to go ahead and do cash back like we could do zero percent commission that's entirely possible however what we opted into doing was this system in fact every single time you look at one of these videos and you like and you comment and you know you just interact with the video gets it out to more people but not only that all of the revenue we're getting from this channel is essentially going back to running this terrible than

a classic validator which is it's like ingenious I mean a ton of people have been coming up to me and they've been like oh classy can you make a dedicated to your lunar classic burning Channel and I'm like uh I mean not really because we already have our Channel covering terrible little classic but I was like how can we burn Terror within a classic on the channel and I was like wait a minute I can just earn whatever money I get off ad revenue and then use that money to run it to a lunacastic validator and then burn all of the

commission and then it's like oh my God we're 100 Burns and that's what we're doing with our validator so we're going to be doing this I expect it to pretty much continue uh for those that are a little bit concerned about us doing you know the whole thing until the end of the year and then reassessing it's mostly just to kind of see uh you know where things are at and see you know where the sentiment is during the time and what we should be doing so many different factors but I definitely want to go ahead and explore

more birds for terrible little classic so uh we actually have actually done a burn we burned 3.2 million it's not a lot I know people are going to be like oh classy but this could be so much more but guess what every time someone Stakes that's more terrible than a classic burn anyway how does all of this run into the one dollar tarot little classic narrative because I know that's what you came here for I know that you know you're very passionate about tyrol little classic and you're wondering how

far it can go this is possibly the most asked question on my channel by far can Tara Lin Acosta hit a dollar and the answer is yes I know people are going to call me a moon boy people are going to call me delusional people are going to call me a ton of different things I do think terrible no classic can hit a dollar and here's why so tirozuna classic has a couple things going for it it has sentiment it has clearly bottomed down into that is actually outperforming the market at the moment but guess what terrible The New Classic at the 89 1

levels is still extremely far away from a dollar let's be honest to get to a dollar at the current Supply it would be at a 5.8 trillion dollar market cap I mean that that is a big market cap isn't the most realistic in the world hey maybe in 10 years it could be realistic depending on how this blockchain goes but as it stands that is astronomical I mean insane stuff so what do we look forward to other than just pumping up the price to a dollar well one of the things is USC and uscc is being a heck of a Titan right now the ufcc went from

1.2 cents over this week all the way to 1.6 cents but if we look over the past month we see even crazier it was at 1.1 Cent at the lowest of you know the price point it was at a single Cent it is almost gone up 60 over the past month has bottomed out but of course it does still have quite a bit of room to go back to where it was before we all understand this we all know that it has to go pretty far to get back to that one dollar mark and so how we burned here within the classic is actually quite fascinating because theoretically here terrible the

new Classics uscc does not have to be at a dollar to be pegged the repack does not have to be at a dollar what some people are thinking of doing these are of course theories here uh you could go ahead and have a uscc that is pegged at maybe three dollars and you can tax people you know up or down you know kind of like the old repack model but making sure that no Terra little classic is being minted mostly just from transactions coming into our blockchain and then slowly working your way up from three to four cents to five cents to six

cents to seven cents you know what I'm talking about all the way to a dollar that model I mean just needs a lot of testing of course uh you know these are just different theories here on what can happen but a proper repack would burn trillions of Terra linear classic in a year I mean there's no sugar coating at trillions not billions trillions of turtles in the classic could easily be burnt in a single year if a proper repeg is done and there is currently a quantity that we're paying twenty thousand dollars a month for uh cheap in

comparison to what valley could potentially come to this blockchain but overall there are things here to constitute burning but on top of that we've also got validators that are burning and this is this is why it's super important to hear why you know validators are burning this is a movement that's brand new once again they were doing with glossy sphere but here's the thing if we can get it to a point here's some ideas I've got I'm going to go ahead and just throw them at you and this could just burn more and

more terrible than a closet so staking rewards right you can go ahead grab those and then there should be a slider depending on how much you want to burn go ahead and do that another thing that should be done is liquid staking where people can actually go ahead and stick their turtle in a classic as it is 21 days go by if you want to undelegate you have to wait 21 days versus you can pay 20 of all your coins if you want to get it instantly and then you know you get that instant liquidity we get the tax we put it in the community poll we put it

in the burns wherever you want to go ahead and put it constitutes for more terrible classic Burns and that's one of the ways this is actually really interesting here it's one of the ways that we can get terrible than a classic out of people's wallets because the big issue isn't you know getting to a little classic out of the Oracle pool and then burning that the big issue is getting terrible than akossik from people's wallets and then burning that and that being the way to get to a dollar so

finding more and more ways uh to do this creatively is how terralino Casa gets to a dollar and giving people uh the inspiration to do these things things that's how we get to these price points and so do we expect your little classic to hit a dollar this year I'm gonna be honest with you I don't see it but I do definitely see the potential for Terra Luna classic to break through zeros I wouldn't be surprised if he broke through two zeros on a pseudo bull market here and then we continue to burn

more and more and more than it accelerates and remember everything's a snowball affecting cryptocurrency once you get going you really get it going and some interesting statistics that we actually have going for us is uh Community sentiment engagement exact you know just to be exact on this if you go on to lunar Crush right now you just search up cryptocurrencies you're going to see the Terra classic is actually trending and it's been trending for quite some time Arturo classic has consistently been trending since it has

begun to run up in price which is in stark contrast to where it was before so if you can continue to see this happen and the snowball begin then realistically speaking this can actually happen so all I've got to say is keep doing what you're doing things can happen if you believe in them and if you can make them happen because at the end of the day the only reason Fiat is worth anything is because people believe that it's worth a dollar so as always Stay classy and that's all

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