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Terra Luna Classic $1 USTC REPEG Binance

Terra Luna classic is sending right now what is going on LUNC Army breaking news not even everybody in the xrp news a couple days ago was able to make this move internally classic pretty cool it's super close of the leading and adding one of it's exciting what is going on everybody well a couple of things that I'm finding right now in crypto Twitter this is the entire July right now this was xrp not security news and this is just right now xrp sending really nicely saw it the communities on Twitter active

tell me in the comments I'll leave down below if you're excited you know when you're a blockchain with the utility you are devastated or what happened last year but the people haven't given up on lunc and I haven't to what is going on girl don't forget to smash like button and consider subscribing welcome aboard fine and CEO CC disclosing LUNC Holden's classic sentiment to one dollar do you believe it joined L1 task for l1tf and Quan developer teams are working with Binance and other exchanges to repack usdc to

one dollar with the quantum and the direct discussion with binance and right now 11 in the last 24 hours seven percent right now Lu and C everybody is winning the chart that the service alike for the El LUNC Army and it's still running wow in the last what is in the last one hour so let me show you the five-minute candle oh yeah you can easily see everybody as you know buyers are coming in sellers will come later be aware don't be surprised if this comes down but it's good let's go

ahead and zoom out fam I really want us to zoom out because we've been in this level before in June 26th so the last of June this is really good as we see Al LUNC been burned by binance been burned by different protocols and the last time that really lunc was given a lot of expectations was at the beginning of June which it was three zeros one right now it's four series nine it really can't delete when serum because once again three zeros one that's what everybody wants and this is the Fibonacci retracement level now let

me go ahead and zoom out even more and this is what we're gonna find I'm gonna go ahead and clear everything yes it's exciting I'm happy to see it when you compare it to the macro picture this is nothing this is expected this is nothing out of this world I want to make sure everybody gets the right message right look at this look at this just this compared to this right so I it it has to be the step in the right direction right because obviously we won't look when I change it to the one hour it's just a tiny fraction but when

we start zooming in zooming in and zooming in that's when you realize this is really something good obviously guys what are we looking for the next one is going to be batch 12 from June all the way to July then it's going to be updated in at the beginning of August so about two weeks from now so get ready for that one 68 billion burn which is really good we won the first trillion it's still a long time but it's fine you know when it comes to 101 classic any type of games that you can get as the

the journey continues take the profits and enjoy the journey Finance is the number one burn taxes coming up finally waking up from the different burn taxes was then Max Global lunatics and of course my animation token That'll be amazing for this so it's exciting everybody let's go back to the price everybody's good look at this it still wants to run because people are are up to here they want to see it come in some people say lunc usdc dead too many admins this is what's going on repack one dollar Reaper cremation

called classic crypto good fellow of mine I love it because he came back he said I'm gone he came back grinding that alien c terrona classic vibe that's what we're here right uh crypto King Levi he hasn't come back yet uh but he was one of the one of the content creators that you know everyone knew back in the day I remember last year May June July uh him and other ones were super you know exploding when it comes to telegona Classic and I knew at the end of the day we were approaching the bear Market War stamps were coming

now finally we've seen the Bottom now what's ahead of us it's just a better beginning of an outcome season that thankfully with the extra opinions that we got fam the xrp and the entire LUNC Army should be extremely happy let's go back to the 15 minutes right here so for the last 15 starting about one hour it's gonna come the lunc it's starting to wake up right now it is about 10 right here from 1 p.

m all the way so right now it's 2 46 here so roughly two hours everybody where things are changing right now will alien C be one dollar no will usdc can be one dollar that's a much better um uh that's a much better question right that's a stable coin great but Lu and C the greatest Price we had was three zeros first we need to break that awesome High then after that you're gonna we're gonna have another discussion you see just happen less than 30 minutes ago and now we're getting our first red Candlestick what in this case

should concern is that we should break this bull pennant if the price of value on C does not follow the blue planet and starts consolidating and dream dropping this is what's going to occur the xrp pattern right now which I'm gonna I'm about to show you here it is you see we broke the bull painted throughout this rise of of xrp this was on the 13th Tuesday but at the end of the day now it's coming down and it's consolidating so just to give you an idea of fam what's happening lunc is like this I

believe I have usdc2 should have it well I mean I'll look it later but it's exciting you know what what things are going on right now with with the token definitely everybody wants to wants to break it fam the latest I want to see what the community is saying bam breaking breaking making sense a lot of people saying come on guys your surprise white paper in the picture cremation coin worked with them before great team honestly I mean the people that behind it are real and I'm very very happy that

they're here for the LUNC for Pepe for Shiba Inu and other different communities everybody that are on a classic pool binance Quan binance us to see talks this is something huge fan Quant it's a big one honestly so they're renewing the spirit the idea of one dollar well then it's gonna be something that you and I want to experience thank you for watching everybody like And subscribe good day for the aliency Army whatever happens this is not over peace

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